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Knitting and Sewing Patterns

Knitted Boobs
Since 2011 Mothers' Union in the London Diocese have been knitting breast for hospitals in our Diocese. It started with a request from midwives at Westminster Hospital and since then other hospitals have requested these knitted boobs for their midwives.

  -Knitted Breast Pattern.pdf-  



Mothers' Union Logo - Cross Stitch Pattern and Knitting Pattern.

  -MU Logo Pattern for Cross Stitch and Knitting.pdf-  

Mothers' Union Knitted Teddy Pattern

  -Guidance for knitters -Teddies revised September 2017_0-V214587191.pdf-  

Mothers' Union Knitted Sheep Pattern

  -Guidance for knitters Sheep September 2017-V214587229.pdf-  

Mothers' Union Knitted Teddy Puppet Pattern

  -Guidance for knitters Teddy Hand Puppets September 2017.pdf-  

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